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The LivePaathshaala is a Comprehensive Educational Institute Management System. It is designed for better interaction between students, teachers, parents & management.

The LivePaathshaala is A ‘S-a-a-S’ (Software as a Service) Web Based ERP solution for the Educational Institutes, and this application helps to upgrade the standards of any school not only in the management level but also helps in transforming the educational standards, increase the security system of the school, manage the resources in efficient way, reduces the communication gap between the parents, faculties and management team.

LivePaathshaala help the top management to keep the whole school system under its control. As all school operations, namely, Enquiries Admissions, Fee Collections, Attendance, Exams, Time Table, Staff Payroll, Library Maintenance, Transportation, Hostel etc are automated and brought under a common interactive platform, the various modules have been designed not only to facilitate each and every set of school activities but also to inculcate sound practices and standards of performing those activities in the personnel responsible thereof.

Live Paathshaala Features


Live Paathshaala Benefits

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Live Paathshaala Modules

The LivePaathshaala having Modules like Dashboard, Configuration, Front office, Student Info, Class Info, Examination, Homework Management, Fees Management, Staff Info, Payroll, Transportation, Library, Hostel, Accounts, Inventory and Information Centre.


This module will help you to view Desktop Icons, Event Calendar, Reminder, To-Do List, Holiday Calendar, Notice Board, Latest News, Today’s Thought, Photo Album, and In Administration Panel Showing Complete School Profile (i.e. Total Student Count, Student Present & Absent List, Total Staff Count, Staff Present & Absent List, Total Fee collected, Expenses Paid, Recently Conducted Exam Results).


This module will help you to configure all master details which is required, so that software get‘s synchronized to your present structure (I.e. Institute Details, Branches, Holidays, Classes, Subjects, Exams, Grade, Fees, Departments, Post, Allowance, Deductions, Transport Details, Hostel Details, User Rights, SMS, Email, ID Card Setup, Letter Formats, HTML etc.


This module will help front office staff to manage the Enquiries, Admissions, Issue Letters, Issue TC & LC, Complaints, and Appointments.


This module will help you to edit student info, add and view student attendance, student ID card creation, student transfers, and shows the student related reports.


This module will help you in taking Student Fee payments, online payment (parent can pay fees online), Fine’s, Instalments and provide you reports like branch wise\class wise\students wise paid fees, unpaid fees, fine’s etc.


This Module will help you to create different types of examinations. It will also allow you to enter the marks and generate reports like branch wise\class wise \student wise passed, failed, topper and analysis reports.


This module will help you to add and view staff info, staff attendance, staff ID Card Creation, Staff transfer, Manage Staff & show the staff related reports.


This is an Accounting Module which helps you and your accountant to manage the accounts more effectively. Module includes Accounts groups. Ledgers, Payment, Receipt, Journal, Contra, Vouchers Management, Bank Reconciliation, It will also provide reports like Registers, Ledger Report, Cash Book, Out - standings(Payable\Receivable), Trial Balance, Profit & Loss, Balance sheet, etc.


This is an Inventory Module which helps you to manage your inventory more efficiently and make sure the goods are properly utilized. Voucher Management like Purchase, Sales, Debit Note, Credit Note, It will also provide reports like Stock Reports, Inventory reports etc.


This Module will help you to add and manage Hostel Buildings, Rooms, Allocate Beds and necessary items, this module will also help to prepare bills and effectively manage the Residential students.


This Module will help the Admin, Teacher and Students to interact internally.
  • Today’s Thoughts : Using this you can able to add Good Motivational, Inspiring Thoughts which helps the staff and students to be more principled thoughts.
  • Photo Gallery : TUsing this module you can upload and download school activity photos and Video’ s like Annual Day, Sports Day, Excursion, science Fair etc.
  • Notice Board: Using this module you can able to send notices to the students / parents and staff like Meeting, Payment , Attendance, Examination Notices etc.
  • News : Using this you can upload Latest News about Education and Daily News.
  • SMS&EMAIL : Using this module you can able to send SMS and Email to the parents information like Student report, Holidays, Attendance, Exam Timetable, Results, Fee Balance etc.


This module will help you to send problems or queries and new requirements related product, it will generate track no’s and maintain up to provide solution by us. It will also give complete information about LivePaathshaala.